Student Flight Discounts? We got good news for you!

Student flight discounts

Portuguese Airlines TAP has Student Discounts!

So you are going to make your student exchange program in Europe and are looking for Student Flight Discounts, we found a special campaign for you at TAP airlines. Because you are going away for a few months you are going to need extra luggage, more then if you were going to travel for two weeks or so.

In every airline they charge extra fees when you exceed the number of pieces of luggage or weight, TAP has a student flight discount! If you travel in economic class you can bring 10 kg extra bag for free!

To find out more about this special campaign and take advantage of this Student Flight Discounts, click here and visit TAP campaign page.

This special campaign with student flight discounts for extra luggage for free is for Erasmus students and other University exchange program in Europe.

Brussels Airlines also has Student Flight Discounts

brussels Brussels airlines also got a great student flight discount that even your friends and family can benefit from it!

To find out more about it, click here to visit Brussels airlines Student flight discounts page and see how to book, your benefits and the conditions.

Iberia has a special Erasmus Boarding pass

Student Flight Discounts The spanish airline company Iberia also has student flight discounts if you fly in Europe, click here to visit their webpage and take a look at the advantages of flying with Iberia.


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