Nazdrowia Housing for Students Porto

Housing for Students Porto

Double your fun in Erasmus in Porto with  Nazdrowia Housing for Students Porto.

If you want to live and breath 100% your Erasmus Program in Portugal, THIS IS IT! You have just found the perfect place to stay and where you will feel at home with your best friends.

In Nazdrowia Housing for students in Porto, you are going to double your fun and live in a house with other Erasmus students, you will enjoy every minute you spend there. This is just GREAT! Isn’t It?

Stay in a single or double room at your choice and meet new fantastic and fun friends in a House with amazing atmosphere. The number of rooms are limited!

You will have a lot of fun moments in this  extraordinary house  to remember for the years to come when you return to your country with lots of cool stories of the time you spent studding in Portugal at Nazdrowia Housing for students in Porto.


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Read Testimonials from other Erasmus Students that have been at Nazdrowia Housing for Students Porto

An excerpt of a testimonial left before Amalia (Erasmus Student) went back to her country, you can read full testimonial and other testimonials left by other students that have been in this delightful house for Students in Porto in our Testimonials page or by clicking on the button below.

“Tomorrow i’m leaving THIS AMAZING HOUSE. Thank you everyone for the memories. For being my friends, for drinking with me when i was happy, for…”

            Amalia | Spring Semester 2012, Nazdrowia House

Read more testimonials from our students! Click on “Testimonials Page” below.

Testimonials Page

Keep Reading to find out more interesting things about this extraordinary house!

How do I go from the airport to Nazdrowia Housing for Students Porto?

So you have decided and you really want to stay in Nazdrowia students house! Great!

We are happy you have made this decision and we Welcome you to this magnificent Student House in Porto.

So now you are probably thinking ” How do i get transport from the airport to Nazdrowia Student house in Porto? How much do i have to spend in a taxi? What bus number do i have to catch to get to Nazdrowia Student House in Porto?

Don’t worry about that! Relax! We make things a lot more easy for you!

We will be waiting for you in the airport at your arrival and take you to Nazdrowia Housing for students in Porto, once there you get to know your accommodation and your new friends.

And we don’t charge for that! It’s FREE!

Book now a room for you! Contact us today.

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You see, when we say to you don’t worry we really mean no worries to you!

You will feel like you already belong here!

We will show you the most important places, as where to take the bus to your University, the supermarket very near the house and a little round for you to have a fresh look at city center.

Ain’t that a really nice way that Erasmus Rooms Porto has to Welcome you?

HOW DO YOU BOOK YOUR ROOM at Nazdrowia Housing for Students in Porto now?

It couldn’t be more easy, simple and fast to book your room at Nazdrowia student housing in Porto, go now to our contact page and send us an email and tell us you want to book your room.

We will check immediately if we still have a free room for you and we confirm to you at the same time we send you the procedures for making your room booking official.

Fill the form in our contact page…click here now!

If you are interested to know more, just below we have the house features!


Your dreams are about to become a reality, let’s take a look at some of  the most important features of the Nazdrowia Housing for students Porto.

Contact us now. Book your room today!

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The Laundry is great!

In Nazdrowia Student house you have a spacious Laundry for you to wash and dry the clothes as well as an iron.

The Kitchen it’s magic!

Erasmus Rooms Porto
Unexpected parties may start in the kitchen!

In our fully equipped Kitchen, with dishes, cutlery, glasses  you also have the Fridges with plenty of space to keep your food and drinks fresh next to the oven where you can cook your meals and microwave to heat your meals.

A magic kitchen to cook your delicious meals and don’t be surprised if suddenly there’s a party going on, because it’s a perfect place in the house for that to happen!

It has happened before and it will happen again!

The Rooms are spacious and extraordinarily comfortable.

Housing for students Porto
Room with a nice view to the House Garden!

The House has eight spacious rooms and in your comfortable room you are going find your bed cloth, heating to keep the room warm in the winter, a desk and bed as well as a closet.

You will wake up in the morning with the sound of the birds singing in the garden!

With total blackout windows so you can sleep until late without the light bothering you and with big windows so when you wake up and open the windows you get lots of natural light!

It will give you a great feeling of total freedom!

This Extra it’s for FREE!

You have full wireless Internet access all around the house.

All bills included at an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

In your monthly fee are included the gas, electricity, water and internet bills. Because all bills are included in your monthly fee there are NO unpleasant surprises in the end of the month.

You will pay the same every month.

The Bathrooms

Five bathroom suites with hot water 24h. Bathroom Suites for Girls and Bathroom Suites for Boys.

The Living Room it’s amazing!

Living room with cable TV and the furniture for you to feel comfortable, sofa, table and chairs for your meals. It’s a big living room!

Parties that start in the kitchen continue in the living room.

Take the first step now! Book your room today.

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The Garden it’s small but powerful!

Housing for students in Porto
Feels good to make a barbecue in a shining summer day here!

Small garden with a nice barbecue, table, chairs and a lemon tree.

You can have great times to enjoy this house garden in the summer days and nights, like for example cooking in our barbecue with friends eating and cooking with you. Ain’t that going to be so much fun to do?

Or spend a hot afternoon playing cards with a fresh drink by your side and friends around.

It’s a really nice and fun place to be! It’s a small garden but  a very powerful one!



…and this can be your last opportunity!

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