Where to find a cheap bicycle for your Erasmus in Porto?

cheap bicycle

Where can you find a cheap bicycle for your Erasmus in Porto?

Buying or renting a cheap bicycle for your Erasmus in Porto is a fun and smart thing to think about! And you can find in several places, i’m going to share here with you what options you have to get a cheap bicycle in Porto City!

Searching on the internet

You can make a search for a used cheap bicycle in Porto, the Portuguese word for bicycle is bicicleta. There are two main sites to do that where you will find a lot of cheap used things that people don’t need anymore so they put it on sale on these sites.

The sites are:

www.olx.pt and www.custojusto.com

Go to the sites mentioned above and on the search field (search in Portuguese is Pesquisar) write bicicleta, there you  will find some bikes and hopefully you will find one you like.

Renting a bicycle

Get your ESN Card and get a lot of discounts! If you have this card you can rent a very cheap bicycle at a very interesting price in L&L Bicycles in Porto!

Discounts L&L with ESN Card:

  1. “2 becomes 3” – For 2 bikes/hours you get the 3rd free (extra bike/extra hour)
  2. Rent for 1 month – 20€
  3. Rent for 3 month – 45€

You can get more info about this at ESN Discount Bike Page if you click here!

I hope this article was useful to you, if you hae any suggestion to make please email me using the contact page.

Thank you for reading this!

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