Secret Recipe to cook the Francesinha (Delicious)!

Learn the secret recipe to cook the Francesinha !

I want share with you two secret recipes to cook the well known and delicious Francesinha!

Recipe to cook the Francesinha
The secret recipe for the delicious Francesinha from Porto!

A very simple recipe that you too can share with your friends when you return to your country…

Your friends will love it!

Recipe to cook the Francesinha
Recipe # 1

Ingredients Sauce (2 persons):

> 1 Beer,
> 1 knorr broth,
> 2 bay leaves,
> 1 tablespoon margarine soup,
> 1 glass of Port wine,
> 1 tablespoon cornstarch soup,
> 2 tablespoons tomato paste soup,
> 1/2 cup of milk,
> Piri-piri q.s (or Hot sauce),
> Egg (optional)

Sandwich (1 person):

> 2 slices of bread-top shape,
> Q.s. ham,
> Q.s. cheese,
> Sausage,
> 1 steak.


Dissolve the knorr broth in beer, when it starts to boil add the other ingredients except cornstarch and milk.

Stir for 5 minutes

Dissolve aside, the cornstarch with the cold milk and add to the mixture, stirring until thickened.

Remove bay leaf and grind well with the magic wand.

Bring to medium heat for a while and set aside.

In the Sandwich put the ham, grilled beef, one sliced sausage (cut vertical) equally.

Cover the Sandwich with the bread on top and below, place the fried egg and then copper the sandwich with slices of cheese on all sides.

Finally, sprinkle with the sauce and bake 15 to 20m to melt the cheese (if cheese start making bubbles it means it’s done)!

Recipe to cook the Francesinha
Recipe nº2


> 2 slices roast beef
> 2 slice cheese
> Portuguese sausage
> 2 ham slices
> C 1 beer / alcohol
> 1 bouillon cube
> 1 bay leaf
> 1 tablespoon margarine
> 1 cup port wine
> 1 tablespoon cornstarch flour
> 2 tablespoons tomato paste
> 1 dl milk
> Qs chilli powder
> 2 slices white bread


Dissolve cornstarch and milk together with the remaining ingredients and grind with the magic wand ,
bring to heat until boiling and thickened slightly move not to catch .


Prepare the sandwich with the ingredients and cover with cheese, put in the center of a plate and sprinkle with the sauce , bake in oven .

Serve immediately !
You can follow with some french fries!

Good Appetite !

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