Porto Accommodations for Students in the News

Porto Accommodations for Students in the News

Porto Accommodations for students appear in the news!

It was nice to see how Erasmus Students live in Porto with a TV full report, following the students from the universities to their accommodations. They interviewed students from Russia, Switzerland, Kosovo, Turkey, Poland among other countries.

Erasmus students were on the TVI channel at news time.

Which source can be more reliable than a news channel? Accommodations for students in the news shows you a bit of  what you wanted to know about Erasmus student life!

Watch the video and listen to their opinion about their Erasmus in Porto.

 They choose Nazdrowia Erasmus Rooms Porto for the interview!

In the second half of the interview (at 3m50s) the images you saw in the video “Porto Accommodations for Students in the News” are from Nazdrowia Student House, you could check for yourself the great academic environment you can find in the house!

What other students think about Erasmus in Porto?

Lots of students leave great messages about their time spent in Portugal (to see testimonials left at Nazdrowia Erasmus Rooms Porto by other students, click here), some of the messages are with advices of places that the next Erasmus students should visit, things they should try in Porto ( food, Restaurants, Bars ).


 “Erasmus once, Erasmus Forever”

Porto Accommodations for Students testimonials




Among many messages left from all the students that lived at our Erasmus Rooms Porto talking about the good time they spent at Nazdrowia and talking about Porto.  On the left, is a short but very descriptive message from Mateusz ( a student from Poland ) and Cédric from ( a student from France ) that show that they really enjoyed their time here. They say they spend the best time of their lives.

To know more about Nazdrowia Erasmus Rooms Porto…

To know more about Nazdrowia student house or ask for more information, please contact us, using the contact form (click here). Want to see more videos about Nazdrowia accommodations for Erasmus Students and about Porto city? Visit our video gallery (click here).

You may want to take a look at 2th Floor apartment Student Rooms Porto, also strategically located near the main Universities in Porto(click here to take a look).


Remember to book your room here in Porto early on!…enjoy your Erasmus!

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